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Mini-sonic and Portable Cardiogram Monitor by Zensun Will Be Commercialized in 2016


After years of research, two of Zensun medical instrument products (Minisonic and Portable Cardiogram Monitor) will be commercialized in 2016. 

Minisonic uses the world's first patented 3D vibration technology. While massage probe moving quickly in micron motion on skin surface, uniform lowfrequency sound waves are created, which promote skin blood circulation, facilitate basalcell growth, improve the metabolism of skin cells and enhance transdermal drug penetration and absorption. 

Portable Cardiogram Monitor is designed to be small, portable, and easy to wear. It can work over a long period of time (7 days * 24 hours). The device can dynamically monitor ECG and send warning alert when atrial fibrillation, sinus arrest, ventricular premature beats or other cardiac abnormalities happen. 

Compared with medical device products on the market, Zensuns Minisonic and Portable Cardiogram Monitor have unique and innovative design in both hardware and software, which have applied for patents. The commercialization of these two new products signifies the start of industrialization process of Zensun.It will bring further commercial and medical development of the company.