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Effects of rhNRG-1 on Cardiac Function Improvements was Verified by the Recent Scientific Experiment


In Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Conference 2008, Acorda Therapeutics reported their new results of GGF2’s (glial growth factor 2, a full-length neuregulin) effects on cardiac function improvement. 

This research has compared to our previous reports (Liu et al., 2006) and confirmed that neuregulin could improve cardiac function of heart failure rats with LAD artery ligation. This result was consistent with our previous discovery. Moreover, Zensun has optimized our proprietary rhNRG-1 to significantly improve the efficacy and safety which has been confirmed in our clinical study in China. At the same time, Zensun has disclosed the mechanism of rhNRG-1 which would be a solid foundation for our clinical study.  Zensun played a leading role in neuregulin research and drug development.