Zensun's Mission

Over the years, "healing for life”is the tenet of Zensun Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. Zensun always keeps in mind with patient priority and serving to patient and dedicates to the development of biopharmaceutical and other related areas to explore the limit of science. Zensun focuses on heart failure, AD (Alzheimer's Disease) and other illnesses which have serious effect on human health and life quality and tries to provide new therapies for those diseases.

Zensun's gene


    As a high-tech biopharmaceutical company, Zensun upholds a principle that everything comes from science and research. All the development of heart disease therapies is based on the long-term research of heart failure biological mechanisms and cardiomyocytes. In the meantime, Zensun also dedicates to the treatment of energy metabolism diseases. By exploring the relationship between energy metabolism pathways and the occurrence and development of the disease and seeking key drug target sites, Zensun’s new drugs for Alzheimer's Disease and functional constipation are about to apply for clinical research.


    Since its inception, Zensun has focused on the development of innovative bio-therapeutic products. During the research, the ErbB4 signaling pathway has been found playing a critical role in cardiomyocytes, including the promotion of cell growth and survival, the maintenance of sarcomeric structural organization, and the enhancement of systolic function. Based on this discovery, a novel drug has been developed, recombinant human neuregulin-1 (rhNRG-1, Neucardin®), a Phase III trial of which is ongoing in China. With deep and long attention on cardiopathy research, Zensun is in the lead of the world in this field.


    After decades of development, Zensun’s fundamental research and pipeline both reach international advanced level. All medicine development and clinical research are consistent with international standards and procedures. Take Neucardin® as an example, its phase I/II trials have been completed in both U.S. and China (including a phase IIa trial in Australia), and international multi-centers phase III clinical trials are going to launch. The innovative medicines are targeting global market. Therefore, the protection of patents covers major biopharmaceutical market regions including U.S. and Europe.