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      Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an inflammation caused by pathogenic bacteria invading the Urinary Tract, growing and multiplying in the urine, and invading the Urinary Tract mucosa or tissues. One of the major characteristics of urinary tract infection is the high recurrence rate, repeated attacks easily lead to chronic nephritis, chronic renal failure. Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (RUTI) are those which have more than two attacks within six months or more than three within a year. 

      Urinary tract infection, second only to respiratory tract and digestive tract, is a common infectious disease, mostly occurring in women, with up to 40-50% of women suffering from urinary tract infection in their lifetime, which has become a serious public health problem. Urinary tract infection is very easy to relapse, after the first urinary tract infection, 30% to 40% of female patients will develop RUTI.

      Zensun is applying the compound ZS-05 towards a new clinical indication: the prevention and treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection (RUTI). Preliminary in vitro studies with ZS-05 demonstrated that it could induce the production of antimicrobial peptides in a dose dependent manner, and had an obvious bacteriostatic effect against E. coli , enhancing the cell’s innate immunity. Use of ZS-05 for the prevention and treatment of RUTI and its recurrence could significantly reduce the use of antibiotics, the risk of developing drug-resistant bacteria, and the medical cost of the disease.