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An Article Published in Cell Demonstrated the Similar Mechanism as Zensun Discovered In July 24th


In July 24th, 2009, an article was published in Cell titled ‘Neuregulin1/ErbB4 signaling induces cardiomyoctye proliferation and repair of heart injury’. This article was published by Prof. Kevin Bersell and Prof. Bernhard Haring from Boston Children Hospital. 

In this article, injecting NRG1 in adult mice induces cardiomyocyte cell-cycle activity and promotes myocardial regeneration, leading to improved function after myocardial infarction.  They also demonstrated that NRG1 treatment improved ventricular remodeling and myocardial function as shown by echocardiographic measurements of left ventricular internal dimensions (LVID), interventricular septum (IVS), left ventricular posterior wall (LVPW), and ejection fraction (EF).

This article shows the similar results as Zensun published in JACC in 2006, which means the mechanism of rhNRG-1 has been recognized by peers.