Zensun (Shanghai) Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of innovative ‘first in class’ bio-therapeutic products for the treatment of serious and life-threatening unmet medical needs. We discover new medicines using novel disease specific targets and innovative technologies. The patented discoveries are then developed into therapies. With adherence to the tenet of “healing for life”, we hope to transform the lives of heart failure and cancer patients by providing them with drugs that treat their disease and not the symptoms. Zensun’s current pipeline covers cardiovascular disease treatment and treatments for energy metabolism disorders. New products in development include the first-in-class drug Neucardin™, gene therapy construct rAAV9.cMLCK, and other modified drugs treating a variety of medical indications. New medical devices are also in development.As a bio-technology company with global reach, Zensun has gathered experts and pioneers in medical research from throughout the world, and has attracted investors of forward vision and broad outlook. Zensun leverages the leading technology to best serve our patients and deliver maximum return for investors.
Develop, manufacture and commercialize NEW therapeutic products with NOVEL mechanism.
Focusing on the research and development of novel drugs is vital to the rapid development of Zensun!
Enter INTERNATIONAL pharmaceutical market to answer GLOBAL unmet medical needs.
Clinical Trials Recruiting Participants